Thermal balance of internal combustion engine

  • Sensitivity study of influence of input parameters changes
  • Fuel flow rate
  • Fuel type
  • Engine speed

Cooling battery of the electric vehicle

  • Determine the battery temperature during various load conditions
  • Sensitivity study of influence of coolant parameters

Energy balance of the hybrid vehicle

  • Determination of the current power consumption in a given driving mode
  • Sensitivity study of the influence of the use of individual aggregates
  • Determination of the influence of changes in parameters of used aggregates

Pipeline system

  • Simulation of the system behavior during the regulation
  • Determination of total pressure losses
  • Revealing places with the highest impact on the pressure loss
  • Draft modifications to reduce the pressure loss

The A/C circuit

  • Simulation of the influence of air conditioning regulation on the flow rates of individual exhalations
  • Determination of the mutual influence of changes of parameters of individual elements
  • Sensitivity study on the change of distribution geometry
  • Sensitivity study to change the parameters of control elements

Brake cooling

  • Brake fluid temperature course
  • Determining the maximum temperature of the brake disc
  • Simulation of different driving modes
  • Sensitivity study of the effect of air flow
  • Sensitivity study of the impact of disc surface emisivity

Plowing Simulation and Soil Harrowing

  • Shape optimization to ensure smoothness of the furrows
  • Determination of external force effects of plow resp. discs
  • Evaluation of the site with the highest risk of wear

Simulation of external car aerodynamics

  • Determination of vehicle drag
  • Determination of front and rear lift
  • Design of aerodynamic measures to reduce drag

Air distribution calculation

  • Determination of air distribution by individual outputs
  • Determination of pressure loss – the entire distribution and individual outputs
  • Design of adjustments for correct air distribution

Simulation of ash separator

  • Calculation of separation efficiency
  • Detection of recirculation zones
  • Determination of pressure loss

Burner simulation

  • Determination of pressure loss – identification of bottlenecks
  • Mixing air and fuel
  • Determination of air redistribution according to flap rotation

Calculation of fluidizedbed boiler

  • Detection of boiler design weaknesses
  • Tuning the combustion air distribution
  • Calculation of CO and NOx emissions

Recovery heat exchanger calculation

  • Determination of pressure loss
  • Determination of thermal efficiency
  • Temperature development during the cycle

Tube and shell heat exchanger calculation

  • Optimization of number and distribution of pipes
  • Increase heat output
  • Preservation of pressure loss

Surface temperature visualization

  • Thermochromic dyes are used to visualize the surface temperature
  • Change the color of the part surface by temperature
  • Hot – Red Color, Cold – Blue Color

Air temperature visualization

  • Depending on the air temperature, some parts of the exhalation or blower light up
  • Utilization of light-guide material
  • RGB color spectrum, red for warm air and blue for cold

Thermoelectric generator

  • The use of waste heat for power generation
  • Demonstration model for simulating real conditions
  • Design solution for using temperature gradient

Transparent photovoltaic (PV) panel

  • Green electricity production through transparent glass
  • The model is portable and tilting
  • Real power measurement for different weather, location, sun exposure

Car wheel design visualization

  • Visualization of wheel disks on a mock-up of a car
  • Mockup of car part, wheel and rotating circular display
  • Visualize different wheel designs while standing and driving

Frozen fruit and vegetable sorting machine

  • Design of a sort of frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Sorting to 4 sizes in the range (15-45) mm
  • Performance 1.5t / h


  • Library for postprocessing simulation automation
  • Creates the Python API for EnSight and Paraview
  • Provides source code, program documentation
  • User documentation, examples and integration into Pycharm


  • Web application for systematic and automatic information retrieval
  • Monitors newly published information according to given topics
  • Accessible from anywhere, from any device
  • User interface and login

MC Tool

  • Desktop application with graphical interface
  • Makes it easier to work with complex text files
  • Editing and updating values ​​using an intuitive interface

Application for experimental data processing

  • Desktop application with graphical interface
  • Displaying data in graphical form: tables, graphs, images
  • Macros for mathematical operations and data processing

Applications for the translation of foreign-language road signs supplementary tables

  • The application recognizes text on additional marker boards, translates it into Czech and also reads it.
  • Automatic language detection based on vehicle position.
  • Offline app (not Google Translate)
  • The user benefit is to increase safety and traffic awareness in local conditions.