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  • Systematic and automated search for recently published information (e.g., technology or economy-related data, etc.) concerning assigned themes present in the sources defined:
    • Systematic = long-term, repetitive, and source-specific
    • Automated = classification by theme, relevance assessment, text processing
  • Focus on recent information.
    • Continuous monitoring of information of a particular theme



  • Re.Sl searches for information on a theme you want to monitor and get information on.
  • Themes are defined by key words.
  • Key word density in a piece of information concerning the theme at hand is assessed using the Relevance Index. The higher the value is, the better.
  • The tool allows for the use of syntax and operators (AND, OR, (), wild character, etc.) for key words.
  • Information is obtained from sources identified by the customer.
  • Any websites that include a system for information publishing may be used as a source, e.g.,,, etc.Key words and www sources to be monitored are proposed after an agreement with the customer



  • Information is searched for based upon customer needs, i.e., the customer determines what needs to be read.
  • Classification into thematic groups, and by content quality.
  • Utilizing Czech and foreign internet sources.
  • Team sharing of information and themes.
  • User evaluation of information quality, assessment of source quality.
  • Suitable for PC, tablets, and smart phones featuring web browsers.



by Škoda Auto a. s.


Monitor news, innovations, and ideas for technological development in automotive industry with a special focus on electromobility.

The information found is to be classified into three themes:

  1. How to extend driving range and accelerate charging,
  2. Information systems used in electromobiles,
  3. IoT, SW applications for electromobiles

Outputs from a half-year use:

  •  50,000 articles downloaded from selected sources
  • 3,400 articles sorted into the three themes monitored
  • 120 interesting ideas found for Theme 1
  • 24 interesting ideas found for Theme 2
  • 6 interesting ideas found for Theme 3

Customers evaluate quality of information found. This evaluation streamlines the search so that target preferred information is targeted and interesting articles selected. In addition, this evaluation may be used to assess the quality of information sources. Over the six months, 13 unsuitable sources (2 Czech and 11 foreign) were modified or abandoned. This reduced the volume of irrelevant information and increased the quality of information provided.



  • The server application runs on our HW under our administration.
    • To access it, you need a web browser, e.g., Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari
  • You can monitor any source in any language that uses Latin alphabet; so far Czech and English are available.
  • The information collected may be stored (fulltext, links, and citations) for further assessment and processing.
  • We use analysis tools to process the information collected.
    • We can find information relevant to the customer’s needs and preferences for themes he or she defines.



  • The application allows to monitor specific information from quality sources.
  • Information is classified and its quality assessed in terms of its relation to themes by using keywords.
  • Information collected from various sources is labelled and archived in a single location, user evaluation.
  • For articles or sources used to download information, quality evaluation is performed
  • Suppressing duplicate information.
  • User search (filtering) in all downloaded information or theme-specific searches



Re.Sl v1.0 current version status:

  •  Issued on: 2 April 2018
  • The version includes:
    • Matching sources used to download information with corresponding themes.
    • Classifying the information obtained by the degree of its quality given the theme at hand.
      Using the keywords assigned to calculate Evaluation (the relevance index).
    • Information labelling
      A single article can feature several labels referring to theme, personal preference, etc.
    • Searching for duplicate articles based on their name and abstract.
      Czech and English version
    • User evaluation.
      • Like/Dislike
      • Archiving interesting information in Favourites
      • Overview of evaluations, number of articles per theme, articles evaluated, source efficiency
    • E-mail notification for users
      Reminder of a seven-day summary of the topics covered.
    • Overview of user evaluation, and quality of sources used.