WLEP: Wrapping Library for Ensight and Paraview. This is a library that facilitates and accelerates postprocessing. The library uses identical commands to control both Ensight and Paraview.

Key Purpose

  • automated postprocessing
  • simple and clearly laid out development with minimal programming knowledge necessary
  • standardized and rapid postprocessing development
  • compatible versions of visualization SW without the need to test
  • savings on licenses, independence of a visualization solution

Are you interested in automated postprocessing?  
Contact us at wlep@enginn.cz

Three reasons to get WLEP

Use software that is best for you. An open-source Paraview is a solution requiring no license fees. Ensight is a commercial system making use of WLEP to control both the tools using a single interface and allowing you to run your postprocessing in both. WLEP ensures compatibility across SW versions and will facilitate your transition to new versions.

Easy development. The WLEP library offers an intuitive interface for comprehensive documentation and integration in the PyCharm development environment. Ready-made samples and on-line support make postprocessing easy for any engineer with minimal programming skills.

my_clip = WLEP.Clip("my_clip", FLUID, plane="y", value=0.0)

Open solution. The WLEP library is provided including the source code and programme documentaiton. To make use of advanced functions of specific software may be combined with native scripting interface. We offer implementation of postprocessing workflow or specific custom-made tools.


User story

A customer that carries out a large number of simulations needed standard outputs from product development simulations. In addition, to develop various products, the customer needed specific analyses and simulation outputs. Using the WLEP library, automated and standard outputs were created. The customer had been accustomed to using Ensight, which is highly suitable for interactive work with models. License limitations represented a partial disadvantage. WLEP facilitated a gradual transition of automated postprocessing to Paraview. The customer continues to use Ensight for interactive work, in which it excels.


Sample of Use

Assignment: create a cross-section through the “FLUID” domain on the Y = 0 mm plane. The cross-section image was generated by a script. A sample of a portion of the scrip in WLEP follows, along with the corresponding scripts for Ensight and Paraview.


import WLEP
my_clip = WLEP.Clip("my_clip", FLUID, plane="y", value=0.0)



import ensight



from paraview.simple import *
my_clip.ClipType = 'Plane‘
my_clip.ClipType.Normal = [0.0, 1.0, 0.0]
my_clip.ClipType.Origin = [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
my_clip.Scalars = ['POINTS', 'U']
my_clipDisplay = Show(my_clip, renderView1)
ColorBy(my_clipDisplay, ('POINTS', 'U'))
my_clipDisplay.RescaleTransferFunctionToDataRange(True, False)
my_clipDisplay.SetScalarBarVisibility(renderView1, True)
RenameSource(‘my_clip', my_clip)

The solution using the Ensight or Paraview native interface is lengthy and poorly laid out. Documentation is frequently incomplete. There is not integration in the development environment, which leads to unnecessary errors in development. To a limited degree, the solution is transferable between versions and not transferable between SW solutions.

What will WLEP bring you?

  •  library source codes (Python)
  • user and programming documentation (Sphinx)
  • tutorial including a test task
  • on-line support for product installation and use

Software/hardware requirements

  • OS: Linux 64-bit
  • Paraview: 5.3.0 (official packages from Paraview.org)
  • Ensight: 10.2.1(b)

WLEP is not an independent functional unit. It only provides an interface to control Ensight/Paraview. To run WLEP scripts, you need to have a WLEP-compatible version of Ensight/Paraview installed. After an agreement, we can test whether your recent minority Ensight/Paraview version is compatible.


  •  no time limits, or limitations on the number of times it may be run
  • no license server
  • library provided including source codes

Additional Services for WLEP Library

  • on-line support
  • programming work for WLEP, Ensight, Paraview, data processing, visualization
  • specific functionalities or applications may be created, for instance:
  • calculation and visualization of the front surface area (automotive)
    – graphical interface for user configuration of automated postprocessing directly in ENsight
    – automated standardized comparison of PowerPoint input data
    – transfer of postprocessing under WLEP, adapting our workflow for Ensight or Paraview

Additional Benefits of WLEP

  • thanks to automated visualization, the added value of simulations may be increased
  • choice of postprocessing SW based on customer preferences: license/speed/interactive work/HPC
  • usage may be selected based on available licenses or specific functionality — savings for new SW version tests and administration of workflow functionality
  • the library is tested and updated for new main versions of Ensight and Paraview
  • the library processes new functionalities and addresses shortcomings of the original software
  • changes are documented and Release Notes issued
  • in-house functions may be used both in Paraview and in Ensight
  • tool portability, higher simulation and data yields
  • no need for duplicate programming for a specific piece of SW
  • ideal for development: prototype at a station—interactively, deployment in HPC (Paraview)

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  • WLEP is programmed in Python
  • the library is an umbrella suprastructure for Ensight (commercial) and Paraview (open-source)
  • the library does not take over or copy any portions of the programmes indicated above
  • the library works with API of the programmes above
  • WLEP is original work by Enginn Effect s.r.o.