Plowing and soil harrowing simulation

Shape optimization to ensure smoothness of the furrows Determination of external force effects of plow resp. discs Evaluation of the site with the highest risk of wear

External car aerodynamics simulation

Determination of vehicle drag Determination of front and rear lift Design of aerodynamic measures to reduce drag

Air distribution calculation

Determination of air distribution by individual outputs Determination of pressure loss – the entire distribution and individual outputs Design of adjustments for correct air distribution

Ash separator simulation

Calculation of separation efficiency Detection of recirculation zones Determination of pressure loss

Burner simulation

Determination of pressure loss – identification of bottlenecks Mixing of air and fuel Determination of air redistribution according to valve rotation

Fluidized bed boiler simulation

Detection of boiler design weaknesses Tuning the combustion air distribution Calculation of CO and NOx emissions

Recovery heat exchanger calculation

Determination of pressure loss Determination of thermal efficiency Temperature development during the cycle

Tube and shell heat exchanger calculation

Optimization of number and distribution of pipes Increase heat output Preservation of pressure loss